Krista Virtanen

Krista Virtanen is a Finnish -born and Helsinki-raised fashion designer who loves art, sustainable fashion, nature, music, and beautiful things. Graduated from Lahti Institute of Design, Bachelor of Culture and Arts – Fashion Design 2021. The graduating collection will be published at @koefashionshow 18 of November.

Krista Virtanen is a textile designer who strives to find solutions for the life cycle of textile and productions. As a designer she thinks about the product cycle right from the first day to the last day of use without compromising visual entirety. She is a designer who is not afraid to take a step in new or unknown situations. As a designer Krista likes to break symmetry with asymmetry. Krista using organic shapes and violates symmetry with asymmetrical elements.

At June 2019 Krista was in Italy and presented her first knit collection in the finals of the Feel The Yarn competition. She desires to change the fashion business to a better direction and knitwear could be a one way to do it.

If you’re interested in Finnish design, prints, sustainable fashion or just need someone to make your dreams come true, don’t hesitate to contact:

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